Not Knowing

The first mark of Cyborg existence is Not Knowing. The merging of animal and machine makes the cyborg possible, but it is information that defines it.  Not Knowing covers a spectrum from unsatisfying to painful to hellish torment. There is the Not Knowing of Not Knowing.  Where are my keys?  Will the MRI show a brain tumor?  Might someone Unfriend me today? There is the Not Knowing resulting from change.  The Cyborg knows so much, so many archives, a vast cloud of Information.  But out of datedness, new knowledge, shifting paradigms, corrupted files, call it all into question. Whatever the Cyborg knows, she knows there’s more information, that it’s not enough.  This pervasive Not Knowing is like the hum of a laptop’s fan.  He thinks it can’t function without it, knowing that new information will prove her wrong.

3 thoughts on “Not Knowing

  1. The first mark of any existence, any being, is Not Knowing – because ‘to be’ is to definitive boundaries, and to have boundaries it to be limited, and the limits of any particular being define the limits of what it can encounter and know.

    Not-knowing is the very condition of possibility for any particular instances of knowing.


  2. Interesting comment, although I think there’s usefulness in using the phrase “Not Knowing” in the more limited way I’m using it. There’s more to come in this vein, so stay tuned.

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