Spring Light

Ephemeral wildflowers live most of the time under the forest floor as rhizomes, bulbs or roots.

The category “ephemeral wildflowers” encompasses in fact the whole life cycle of the plants that manifest in spring, interacting only then with the space between the forest floor (as if that was some kind of definite membrane) and roughly a foot above it, for a brief (as if brief, ephemeral, short had any kind of meaning that didn’t itself evaporate under analysis) time in the spring, fueled by the unobstructed sunlight reaching the floor before the trees leaf out and the canopy becomes the forest’s summer membrane, cell wall, upper boundary.

So they flower when there is enough sun, warmth and water, when conditions support their reproduction, their causes having been established by previous generations of plants and before that by the mutations of legacy species and before that by,well,  how far do you want to go back, what system do you want to use to structure beginingless time?

Standing in unleafed forest I can see the spring light, the increasing light, the energetic embodiment of the beautiful assault that the world is for me, because it’s too much, just too much light, raw information, the light itself is information, that lasts longer and longer every day now, mesmerizing, magnetizing my attention so that I can’t look away even though it’s too much.

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