Cyborgs in Space

The Haraway-ian cyborg, the blending, overlapping, the hybridization of the human and the machine-ic, specifically the information, cybernetic, algorithmic machines that are not extensions of human capabilities but partners/competitors of the human, companion species like the wolf/dog our best friends and worst mythic nightmares, that cyborg, as a matter of course, creates not only the architecture/space of the snail’s shell, the open fire warmed architecture of the cave, the intentionalized architecture/space of the hut, tent, cabin, cathedral, and split level suburban house, that cyborg also creates the Code Space of data based architecture-alized information interacting with the cascading contextualization/de-contextualizations, the cascading structure/ruin makings, of cascading algorithms that create in turn, companion, non-Euclidean spaces of curved surfaces and intersecting parallel lines enabling the fractal formation of discontinuous voids and firewalls that simultaneously house and expose the cyborg.

Exploring a corner of this space, Levi Bryant posits an Absolute Architecture

We approach architecture functionally when we think it in terms of the uses to which it is to be put (dwelling, labor, educating, worship, etc).  We approach architecture operationally when we explore it as a pure experimentation with the void, detached from considerations of function. Machine-Oriented Architecture: Experiments in Absolute Architecture

The Code Space of the Cyborg is the hybridization of the de-functionalized void with function built into structures with database/algorithm processes.  In a previous post I began an exploration of these ideas.

The de-purposing of such spaces depends, as everything depends, on a/the defining point of view.  A completely de-purposed spaceistheonly completely ruined space.

Time and space do not easily cohabit.  The


mere passage of un-updated time opens discoherent voids between mediated space and the occupant.                    Is it loss or

inability, amnesia or aphasia, ghost or monster                       ?

observations on “post #74″

I look forward to Prof Bryant’s continued exploration of Absolute Architecture and seeing if/how it relates to my exploration of digital ruins.

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