observations on “post #74”

For many occupants, experiencing contrast between digital and analog space can heighten the vividheuristicsense of first person now-ness that can become dulled with immersion in one or the other.

An occupant’s perception ofeitheras unexpectedly stale can damage, possibly destroy, the transmuted fourth wall of the

space encouraging, but not completing, a sense of ruin-ness.

Spaces become ruined by decay, (dead links, crumbling walls), the encroachment of the out-of-place (trees growing through roofs, obvious spam in the Comments)and progressive temporal decontextualization. This is an


a-sequentialality rather than an a-temporality. The de-purposing of such spaces depends, as everything depends, on a/the defining point of view. A completely de-purposed spaceistheonly completely ruined space.

Time and space do not easily cohabit. The


mere passage of un-updated time opens discoherent voids between mediated space and the occupant. Is it loss or

inability, amnesia or aphasia, ghost or monster ?

This can reproduce the politics of trauma,whichisall politics, in the encounter with mediated space,whichisallspac e.

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