Cyborg Karma

Identity does not contradict non self, the third mark of existence in Buddhism.  A cyborg ages and changes in both her animal and machine parts.  With this impermanence, his identity at some point also changes.  Sagging body parts, brain lesions, a repaired knee, a new cell phone, a crashed hard drive, death, rebirth, the list as varied as endless, as beginingless.

Moment to moment, usually, these changes are too small for the cyborg to sense.  Or this has been true.  Our machine parts are getting more and more sensitive in measuring these changes.  Our machine parts are getting more and more refined in categorizing and comparing these changes, of making them Information, of never losing the Information.

What complex of past actions and turbulent emotions have landed us in this realm?  At some point does the Cyborg Realm become distinct from the Human Realm?  Will the Information Realm become distinct from the Cyborg Realm?

More questions I don’t have anwers for.

Disabled Cyborgs in Love

Ran across a request for Posts for a carnival,:

 I’d like the Blog Carnival to focus on the love we have for the things that make the world accessible for us…..Sometimes I smile when I wake up and see my chair waiting patiently beside the bed to welcome me into my day and into my world. I feel, in those moments, real affection for the thing. More than that when I’m in it it becomes part of me, a real amazing part of me.

I’d like to reframe the question, in terms I’ve been  thinking about lately. In a previous Post at (my brand new site) I’ve started to explore Donna Haraway’s idea that we are all cyborgs.  That is the interface of humans and their machines is so complete that we can not really think of one without the other.  This process has accellerated so much though that it now affects our lives in new ways.  Being is a cyborg completes rather than diminishes one’s humanity.

I’m following Haraway’s example and extending the idea beyond the human to all animals.  So my questions:

Can the animal component of a cyborg love the machine components?  Would such a Love be an alienation of the unity?  Can the machine parts of the cyborg love the animal parts back?

If the animal part of the cyborg falls in love with machine parts that aren’t his, is it a betrayal?  If the machine parts long for  new animal component, does it break faith?

Do the machine components that help the animal componet to adapt/gain better access to the world have a privildeged place relative to the ordinary machine componets?  In other words is a wheelchair more worthy of a disabled cyborg’s love than say a fork even if she can grasp and use it effortlessly?

I don’t have any answers.

A little context:  I have a damage brain from an illness years ago.  Thinking, processing information and stimulus are all difficult.  I frequently experience “the world” as an overwhelming, beautiful assault.  When I can think, this is how I think.