Cyborgs are always broken. This is a Cyborg’s third mark of existence.

All beings do not have an independently existing self.  All phenomena, living or not, exist because causes and conditions support their existence.  When these causes and conditions cease, the being or phenomena ceases as well.

A Cyborg’s non self is the same as any other being’s.  But the Cyborg experiences this as Brokenness.

The animal part of a Cyborg think it’s in control, that the machine parts are only tools, devices, information waiting for an upgrade that will fix the machines’ current limitations.  At the same time, the machine part wonders why the animal part never seems to get an upgrade, in fact, only seems to deteriorate.

Yet the parts experience phenomena only through their overlap, each experiencing itself as a whole and their other part as a temprorary collection.

Sky Burial

For about a month in the spring and fall, large numbers of turkey vultures migrate through this area.   They are the biggest bird one is likely to see around here. Adult wingspans vary between 5 and 6 feet.

While they are here, I frequently see groups of 20 – 25 circling, trying to catch an updraft, sometimes barely above the treetops, sometimes swooping within a few feet of our second story bedroom  window.  This morning a group of about 15 were perched near the tops our neighbor’s Norway Spruces, about 100 feet up, sunning their wings in the classic vulture pose.

In Tibet, the traditional funerary method is sky burial.  Preparation of the body can vary from none to elaborate.  In any case, at some point, it is left for the animals, mainly vultures to eat.

To be done properly, a sky burial requires an information and social infrastructure that just doesn’t exist here.  But for a month or so every six months the vultures are here, ready, just in case.

Cyborg Karma

Identity does not contradict non self, the third mark of existence in Buddhism.  A cyborg ages and changes in both her animal and machine parts.  With this impermanence, his identity at some point also changes.  Sagging body parts, brain lesions, a repaired knee, a new cell phone, a crashed hard drive, death, rebirth, the list as varied as endless, as beginingless.

Moment to moment, usually, these changes are too small for the cyborg to sense.  Or this has been true.  Our machine parts are getting more and more sensitive in measuring these changes.  Our machine parts are getting more and more refined in categorizing and comparing these changes, of making them Information, of never losing the Information.

What complex of past actions and turbulent emotions have landed us in this realm?  At some point does the Cyborg Realm become distinct from the Human Realm?  Will the Information Realm become distinct from the Cyborg Realm?

More questions I don’t have anwers for.