The Embodied Cyborg – Part One

I don’t know about you, but I can help but think of embodied cognition when I see the Verizon Uppernet commercial on TV. The idea of embodied cognition is that the body shapes cognition, that ideas are formed and expressed in the physical world, are of the physical world.

I think most people think about their Cyborgosity, if at all, when using their smart phones, participating in social networks etc.  We can see that we are in love with our interfaces, will joke about it, out of that uncanny discomfort that arises when we suddenly become aware that we are more stuck in the gooey web than we would like to admit.

But I don’t think most people generally think much about the stuff of the internet, the servers, the huge mileage, the huge mass of  cables, the ever-expanding shell of Herztian Space  every Tweet creates.

The Uppernet commercial fetishizes all that in a sonorous baritone voice grounding the internet in “bedrock, concrete and steel” while merging it with the “smartest brains” in true Haraway fashion.

The Uppernet vision is directed at business leaders, those whose offices are visible at the end of the commercial, above The Cloud and in control.

Select Your Plan

I’ve been talking a lot here about cyborgs, but not at all about the Singularity – when technology is advanced enough for humans to upload their consciousness resulting in greater than human intelligence.

There are lots of reasons for this silence – certainly the Singularity is possible but I don’t think it solves anything.  Maybe it’s for similar reasons that I don’t participate in social media. I also find the idea of the human/machine hybrid of the cyborg much more interesting as reality/metaphor grounded in the present.

At any rate, I ran across this Tom Scott video and thought it probably a pretty accurate version of what is likely to happen it the Singularity becomes possible. Plus I think it’s pretty funny.  PlusTier Three is kinda like being brain damaged.